Intercultural Development Research Association

PTA Comunitario

The project design is to increase student achievement and engagement leading to high school graduation and college graduation of low-income, primarily Hispanic, limited English proficient (LEP) students from the counties of South Texas. The projects has three main objectives: (1) establish five PTA Comunitarios, one in each of the south Texas public school districts; (2) create a partnership between PTA Comunitarios and schools through training and technical assistance that focuses on two campuses per year;  and (3) facilitate the design and execution by partners of at least one educational leadership project informed by actionable data for each PTA Comunitarios and partner school. 

Description of Project

"PTA Comunitario—i3 Development Grant—Partnering with five primarily Hispanic, poor South Texas school districts with high numbers of limited English proficient (LEP) students (Pharr-San Juan-Alamo, La Joya, San Benito, Donna, Rio Grande), and three CBOs (ARISE, Proyecto Juan Diego, Brownsville Community Health Center), IDRA submits this application addressing Absolute Priority 3,CPP7 and CPP8. Goal: Increase student achievement leading to high school and college graduation of Hispanic, low-income LEP students, affecting more than 120,000 students. Expected outcomes: (1) Students: 20 percent increase in the number promoted, 25 percent increase in high school completion, 20 percent increase in college enrollment and graduation, 20 percent decrease in student attrition; (2) parents: 20 percent increase in PTA Comunitario involvement, 20 percent self-efficacy increase in working with schools; (3) school district personnel: 80 percent self-efficacy increase in partnering with parents, 80 percent increase in teachers reporting success with participants’ students. Objectives: (1) Establish five PTA Comunitarios; (2) establish PTA Comunitario-school partnerships, four campuses per LEA (20 total); and (3) carry-out at least one educational leadership project per campus. Special project features include working with colonia (unincorporated neighborhoods) families and their CBOs.

School District Partners (LEAs) will collaborate with CBOs to institute five PTA Comunitarios, work with PTA Comunitarios to carry out leadership projects around educational issues, collaborate and participate in development and in conducting leadership training activities, identify 20 campuses that will be involved in project activities, and facilitate evaluation data collection ($40,000 per district over the grant period).

CBO Partners: (up to five, including currently identified) will each host a PTA Comunitario; provide leadership development support to participating families; conduct outreach to community families; and facilitate PTA activities, e.g., meetings, trainings, etc.

Description of Evaluation

PTA Comunitario is a multi-year intervention designed to increase student achievement leading to high school graduation and college graduation of low-income, primarily Hispanic, LEP students from the colonias of South Texas. PTA Comunitario’s evaluation uses a short interrupted time-series with comparison group design (CITS) to examine the school-level impact of PTA Comunitario on students’ standardized test scores. The school will be the unit of measurement for this study. The impact study will compare the reading achievement (the closest appropriate proxy to a global English language arts test) and the mathematics achievement of students in elementary, middle, and high schools attending PTA Comunitario schools with the reading achievement and mathematics achievement of students from non-intervention schools that are similar to intervention schools on relevant demographic characteristics.