Toolkit - i3 Sustainability Rubric

i3 Sustainability Rubric

The i3 sustainability rubric is designed to help i3 grantees asses their readiness to sustain and scale innovations.  It is part of a suite of technical assistance focused on project implementation, sustainability, and dissemination funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

The rubric is designed to be used with i3 grantee teams, sites, and other key stakeholders to reflect on implementation practices during the grant period in ordre to identify implementation focus areas and next steps to achieve grantee sustainability and scaling up goals. The term “grantee” in the rubric refers to the organization or innovation to be sustained. The i3 sustainability rubric is rooted in effective practices of implementation and draws from sources such as Deliverology and the Reform Support Network.

The rubric is organized into three categories with thirteen elements (see chart below).  The rubric asks users to rate each element based on a four-point scale from 1 to 4. The rubric includes descriptions of Weak (1) and Strong (4), as well as example look-fors to help grantees in the self-assessment process. 

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